Krumikuthar Rasa

An excellent remedy that destroys all types of Krumi. Helpful in intestinal worms as well as Krumi responsible for Raktadushti. Useful in disorders developed due to Krumi such as Skin disorders, Cough, Anaemia, Urticaria, Abdominal pain. Beneficial for children as well as adults.

Product Description

Karpoor 8 parts, Kutaj 1 part, Trayamana 1 part, Ajamoda 1 part, Vidang 1 part, Shuddha Hingul 1 part,,Shuddha Vatsanabha 1 part, Nagkeshar 1 part, Palashbeej 1 part Bhavana -Bhrungaraj Swarasa, Akhuparni Swarasa,Brahmi Swarasa
Krumi, Krumijanya Twachavikar, Pandu, Shotha, Udarshoola, Constipation, White Patches on the face, acne and dandruff
30 Tab., 60 Tab., 1000 Tab.
2 to 4 tablets 2 times a day with Vidangarishta or lukewarm water or as per disease condition

-Available in following companies-

Dhootapapeshwar Dhootapapeshwar Krumikuthar Rasa – 60 Tab
Baidyanath  Krimikuthar Ras 80 TABLETS


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