Balanites Aegyptiaca(Hinghot Fruit)

Ingudi – Balanites aegyptiaca is utilized as a part of treating intestinal worm diseases, leucoderma and psychiatric scatters. Its organic product, Stem bark and Seed oil are utilized for therapeutic purposes.

Its natural product is blended into porridge and utilized as a part of lactating moms to enhance bosom drain generation. It additionally diminishes cerebral pain.

Product Description

Hinghot Fruit Names in various dialects:

English name – forsake date, cleanser berry tree or hedge, Thron tree, Egyptian myrobalan, Egyptian amber or Zachum oil tree;

Hindi name-Hingoon, Ingot, Hingua

Tamil name-Nanjanada

Telugu name-Gara chettu, Ringari

Marathi name – Hingan

Bangali Name – Hing

Arabic name – lalob, hidjihi, inteishit, and heglig

Unani : Hingan, Hanguul

Siddha : Nanjunda

English : Desert date, Soapberry tree, Thorn tree,, Egyptian resin

Arabic : Heglig

French : Dattier du abandon, Hagueleg, Balanite

Spanish : crown di Jesus

Balanites aegyptiaca uses:

Rasayana – against maturing, causes cell and tissue restoration

Krumi – worm invasion

Kushta – skin infections

Visha – Toxic conditions, harming

Shvitra – leucoderma, vitiligo

Shoola – stomach colic torment

Bhootagraha – Psychiatric issue

Oil extricated from it – Ingudi Taila is utilized for treating intestinal worms, as hair oil and for wound recuperating.

Seed, bark, leaf and natural product – all are valuable against parasitic contamination

According to Sushruta Sutrasthana 45, Its oil is Shukrapaha – anaphrodisiac and not useful for eyes.


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