The indigenous and the absolute recipe for diabetes control

Control Diabetes

These two techniques, traditionally used for the control of diabetes have been proven to be scientifically effective, today we will mention two such tips which the traditional herbal know-how are used to treat diabetic patients. The treatment that is undergoing diabetes does not need to be stopped. Traditionally local tribals are using these prescriptions for years to control diabetes. Medical science has also accepted their effectiveness. Do not stop pre-existing treatment, try these tips along with those medicines. The advantage will definitely be.

1. Eat a spoonful of linseed seeds chewed well and drink two glasses of water. This is to be done every morning before stomach and sleeping at night.

2. Prepare the powder of cinnamon bark and mix half a spoonful of powder in one cup of water and take this mixture daily in the afternoon and at night before eating it. Before starting these two tips, make sure to check your insulin level so that after a fifteen days, it can be seen again. In many research papers of the phylum science, the results of this formulas have been claimed, and the tribal herbal knowers have tried these formulas for hundreds of years.

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