Ayurveda(desi dawaiya) is viewed as one of the world's most seasoned mending sciences (health), starting in India Its name is a Sanskrit word that actually deciphers as "the intelligence of life" or "the information of life span" (it is a compound of ãyus, which means life or life span, and veda, meaning profound learning or shrewdness)



Medical Benefits of Cranberries

Cancer prevention This infection battling natural product is one of the most elevated positioning, frequently expended sustenances for cell reinforcement content per serving, as indicated by the Cranberry Advertising Panel. Cancer prevention agents shield cells […]

Black Cohosh Plant : Health Benefits and side effects

Black cohosh is a flowering plant. It grows in parts of the United States and Canada. The Black cohosh root has a long history of being utilized to treat medical conditions. Local Americans utilized Black cohosh in […]

Daisy (Bellis Perennis) – Medicinal Uses and Benefits

Bellis perennis is the English daisy and a member of the Compositae family, from which most of our first aid remedies come from. Daisies contain essential oil, tannins, mucous substances, flavonoids, bitter substances, organic acids, […]