Madhunasini / Gudmar leaves

Gurmar is found in dry deciduous backwoods of India and is likewise called Madhunasini/Gudmar though, in Sanskrit, it is called Mehashringi. The leaves are straightforward inverse and praise elliptic. The blossoms are yellow in shading. It develops as a woody climber. It roots at the hubs. Leaves and roots are utilized therapeutically. The name itself implies as it murders sugar. Henceforth, famously Gudmar is known as ‘the insulin plant’. The plants are accessible in nurseries and the tablets of this are set up by pharmaceutical organizations.

Product Description

Basic name

Periploca of the forested areas/Gudmar

Organic name and family

  • Organic name-Gymnema sylvestre
  • Family-Apocynaceae

Topographical appropriation of Gurmar (Gudmar)

The plant Gurmar is local to India. In India, it is found in Karnataka, Kerala, Bihar and Bengal, Punjab, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh. In Chhattisgarh, it is found in secluded spots. Some different nations like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland and Arab have additionally known the utilization of Gurmar for a considerable length of time. The plant is additionally developed in Africa. In the tropical and sub-tropical locale, the plant develops in agro-climatic condition.

Restorative estimation of Gurmar

There are a few bioactive constituents introduce in Gurmar (Gudmar). They are gymnemic corrosive, flavones anthaquinones, Phytins, saps et cetera. The counter sweet action of the plant stays till 2 hours of utilization. The concoction segments elevate the plant to be utilized as a part of different ways. Despite the fact that India is turning into the diabetic capital of the world, here is the trust, Gurmar!

Medical uses 

  • It is utilized for decreasing glucose level since hundreds of years.
  • The glue of the root is utilized for the treatment of snake chomps or wounds.
  • It additionally cuts down an elevated cholesterol level and oversees triglyceride level.
  • This is additionally valuable for the treatment of jaundice.
  • It is additionally utilized against halminthiasis.
  • The leaf juice can be taken to stay away from stoppage.
  • It builds lipid level in blood.
  • The juice is likewise used to control the heaviness of the body.
  • It is likewise helpful for the treatment of hyperglycemia and frailty.
  • The plant concentrate is utilized as a liver tonic.
  • The leaf juice is diurnal and thus helps in pee.
  • It is likewise used to revive the heart exercises and circle blood.
  • It can be utilized as a refrigerant.
  • The plant forestalls dental plaque arrangement. It is additionally used to build invulnerability.
  • Generally, it is utilized for the treatment of gastric inconveniences.
  • This is likewise utilized for the treatment of Cough, fever, dysuria and glycosuria.
  • The concentrate is likewise used to murder the worms.
  • The plant is likewise used to initiate the uterus.
  • This is likewise utilized as a tidbit.
  • In Ayurveda, it is utilized as an expectorant, stimulant, diuretic and emetic.
  • The leaf separate cures eye issue and root bark is valuable for the treatment of heaps.
  • It is valuable in the treatment of mucus and other respiratory diseases.
  • It gives comfort in colic agony and cures dropsy.


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