Solanum nigrum

Solanum nigrum otherwise called Black Nightshade or Makoi (h) Kakamachi is a perpetual bush found in lush ranges. The stature of the plant is 40cm 130cm and leaves are 4-8 cm long. The natural product, root, leaves, blooms berry and the whole plant is utilized as medication. It develops ordinarily in nitrogen rich soil. It has reference of being utilized since Vedic age. It is an essential bush in Ayurveda. It is portrayed by its white blossom and purple-dark berries. In India, it is found with red berries. The blossoms and the berries are organized in umbelliform.

Product Description

Normal name

Dark Nightshade/Makoi (h) Kakamachi

Natural name and family


Natural name-Solanum nigrum

Topographical dispersion of Solanum nigrum (Nightshade/Makoi)

It is broadly dispersed in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and American mainland, however initially it is local to Eurasia. It is seen utilized as a part of Britain broadly since ages. In India, it is found in Shimla, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu and in numerous different districts. It develops as a weed with horticultural products.

Restorative utilization of Solanum nigrum (Nightshade/Makoi)

Restoratively Nightshade/Makoi (h) Kakamachi is calming, antihepatic, cancer prevention agent and against hyperlipidemic. It is demonstrated that old individuals utilized this as medication and medication. The herb is diuretic, diaphoretic, anodyne, expectorant elective.

Solanum nigrum (Makoi (h) Kakamachi) is helpful for the treatment of measles.

It is helpful against heart torment.

Solanum nigrum/Nightshade is utilized as a blood purifier.

It is useful in amplification of organs like liver and spleen.

Solanum nigrum is useful for the treatment of interminable fever.

It is utilized to cure dropsy. It is valuable for joint inflammation.

Solanum nigrum (Makoi) has likewise hostile to diarrheal and antipyretic property.

It likewise used to treat shortcoming to get quality and force, and diuretic in nature.

Makoi has solid opiate property.

This is valuable for the treatment of ulcer.

It ensures liver and battles against jaundice.

Valuable for asthma, hack and oral ulcer, it likewise cures an ear infection.

It is utilized as a tonic to upgrade craving and for individuals confronting an issue with night visual impairment.

Helpful for the treatment of fever and leucodermia.

It has been utilized for treatment of heaps and uncleanliness.

It is poisonous in nature and seen creatures, youngsters and individuals being harmed in the wake of eating.

Solanum nigrum is utilized as a veterinary prescription.

It is utilized against tingling, skin illnesses and dermatitis.

It lessens gas development in the stomach.

In America, Africa and different parts of the world, it is utilized as a sustenance trim however griped of lethality.

The gum is utilized for the treatment of bronchitis, irritation, overwhelming female release and wounds.

It has been demonstrated valuable against blazes due to it mitigating nature.

It is valuable for the treatment of growth.

In Germany, it is utilized to incite rest.

Leaf juice cures worm in the stomach and extremely valuable for the treatment of gouts.

In Tamil Nadu, individuals utilize it in cooking in different ways.


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