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The Five Elements Of Health

We need five components for healthy life: space, air, fire, water, and earth. These five components can most precisely be considered as fiery examples rather than as simply physical substances, and each has specific qualities. To comprehend this, consider how these components show in the regular world:

  • Earth is icy, overwhelming, strong, stable, and dry. This component is exemplified by earth.
  • Water is icy, portable, overwhelming, delicate, and fluid. Think about the sea.
  • Fire is hot, inconspicuous, portable, dry, and sharp. Its clearest sign in nature is the sun, which gives warmth to the earth and sky.
  • Space, as in the sky, is tremendous, chilly, light, what’s more, clear. It empowers every other thing to have a place to take shape and exist.
  • Air is dry, frosty, unpleasant, and loaded with movement. To comprehend these qualities, consider what it’s like to be whipped by a forceful wind.

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These five elements unmistakably show separately in the normal world. However, significantly more significantly, they all exist by any means times in all things—incorporating into the body—and each has its specific part to play.

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