Terminalia bellirica

Bibhitaki, otherwise called Baheda in Hindi, is one among three products of Triphala. Its genuine Sanskrit name is Vibheetaki. Bheeta implies, fear. Vibheeta implies absence of dread and Vibhitaki implies the organic product that takes away the dread of ailment. In any case, in Hindi, they normally profess “va” as ‘ba’. So the name Bibhitaki. Its plant name is Terminalia bellirica/bellerica.

Product Description

All Names

English name: Belleric myrobalan/Belliric myrobalan

Telugu name: Tanikaya, Taani

Tamil name: Akkam, Todikai, Thanakkai, Tanri, tanrikkai, Tani

Bengali name: baida

Arabic name: baleelaj

Farsi name: Baleel

Malayalam, Hindi, Gujarati name: Baheda

Kannada name: Shanti kayi, Tare Kayi

Hindi name: Baheda, Bahera

Sanskrit Synonyms:

Karshaphala – the natural product, which is the utilized part weights around 10 – 12 grams

Aksha phala – the organic product measures 10 – 12 grams, the natural product is utilized to play a sort of wagering diversion.

kalidruma – Because it is utilized as a part of playing a wagering amusement, it causes strains (kalaha). Thus, the tree which causes Kalaha is Kaidruma. (Druma implies tree).

It is a tree that grows up to a tallness of 60 – 80 feet. The organic product takes after Haritaki natural product yet it doesn’t contain the edges. Its surface is very plain.

Terminalia bellirica – medical uses :

Rasa (Taste) – Kashaya (Astringent)

Guna (qualities) – Rooksha (dry), Laghu (light to process)

Vipaka (taste change after processing) – Madhura (sweet)

Veerya (power) – Ushna (hot)

Impact on Tridosha – Balances Kapha and Pitta.

Bhedanam – Eases movement, has purgative activity. This is the reason Triphala is utilized as gentle diuretic.

Kasanashanam – assuages hack, chilly

Netrahitam – useful for eyes

Keshya – enhances hair quality and advances hair development.

Kruminashanana – assuages worm invasion

Vaisvaryanashana – mitigates dryness of voice

Bibhitaki detoxifies blood, lymph, muscles and greasy tissue of the body.

The seed part of Vibhitaki is valuable in

Trut – unnecessary thirst,

Chardi – retching

It equalizations Kapha and Vata. It is astringent in taste and causes slight laziness. Amla seed is very comparable in qualities

Look into: Phyto-pharmacology

Part utilized: Fruit skin, seed, seed bit.

Measurements: 3 – 6 grams in partitioned dosage, or as exhorted by Ayurvedic specialist.

Critical Ayurvedic medication:

All drugs with Triphala contain Bibhitaki. Eg: Triphala ghrita, Triphaladi Taila and so on.

Sura of Bibhitak (Beer) is not exceptionally inebriating, is anything but difficult to process, useful for wellbeing; not all that destructive, (as different wines) in wounds, iron deficiency, and sickness and other skin infections.


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