apamarga panchang

Apamarga Panchang

Chirchita or Apamarg (Achyranthes aspera) is a therapeutic herb which can be found all through India. It is utilized customarily to treat different diseases the nation over. This herb is additionally discovered Baluchistan, Ceylon, Tropical Asia, Africa, Australia and America.

Apamarga is intense, sharp, warming, purgative, stomachic and carminative. It is utilized to treat draining heaps, stomach related scatters, fever, hack, diarrhea, dropsy, bug chomp, psoriasis, loss of motion, spleen growth, stomach torments, wounds and so forth.

Clinical reviews demonstrate this plant contains alkaloids achyranthine and betaine which bring down pulse and heart rate by enlargement of veins. Its blossoms indicate diuretic exercises.

Product Description

Names of Apamarga Panchang

Latin name: Achyranthes aspera Linn. (Amaranthaceae)

Sanskrit: Apamarga, Latjira

Hindi: Chirchita, Apamarg

English: Prickly Chaff Flower

Kannada: Uttarani

Malyalam: Katalati

Gujarati: Safad Aghedo

Tamil: Shiru-kadaladi

Telugu: Uttaraene


Here are few cures:

Ear torment, Infection in ear

Take new leaves of Apamarg and wash to expel earth. Crush and concentrate its juice. Put few drops in ear to cure contamination of ear.


Eye issue, redness in eye

Take crisp foundation of Apamarg and clean it precisely to expel earth and soil. Crush it with rose water and apply in eyes to cure eye contamination.


Mouth ulcer

Bite few spotless, crisp leaves of Apamarg.



Pound ready seed of Apamarga to make powder. Notice this powder while experiencing headache.


Spinal pain

Take leaves of Apamarga and rub on influenced ranges on back.


Bubbles, wounds, skin inflammation

Separate Apamarga squeeze and rub on influenced territories.



Separate leaves squeeze and utilize this to wash wounds to mend rapidly.


Bug nibbles

Apply new leaves juices at influenced ranges.


Kidney issue, pneumonia

Take apamarga panchang (5 gm) in water (200 ml) till volume decreases to 50 ml, channel and drink.


Extension of spleen

Get ready powder of entire plant. Take this powder (2 tbsp) with margarine drain twice per day.


Draining heaps

Take crisp leaves of Apamarg and wash to evacuate soil. Granulate with water and make glue. Blend til oil in this glue and apply this on influenced ranges.


Icy and hack

Bubble leaves of Apamarga in water and cook for 15 minutes. Strain and drink tepid.



Take apamarga leaves juice (1 tbsp) with gur.



Flourish powder of Apamargah (1 tbsp). Include glass of water and drink.


Looseness of the bowels, diarrhea

Dry Apamarga leaves in shade and granulate to make powder. Bring this powder with nectar or misri twice every day. Then again take crisp leaves juices (5-10 ml) at regular intervals to cure looseness of the bowels.


Stomach torment

Extricate leaves squeeze and take (2 tbsp) with glass of water.



Take Apamarga panchang (4 tbsp) and bubble in water (200 ml). Cook for twenty minutes. Strain and drink.


Loss of motion

Get ready root powder of herb. Bring this with glass of drain.


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