Black myrobalan(Harad)

Harad is an Ayurvedic herb, which has massive medical advantages. The plant looks extremely basic as others, however don’t go on its look, the advantages will essentially stun you.

Harad additionally called Black myrobalan is a tree which is long and is 8-12 ft thick. The bark is dull chestnut. Leaves are 3-8 inch long and 2-4 inch wide, hanging down in bunches and oval fit as a fiddle. The stem of the leaves has two bunches at the apical end..

The plant bears blossoms which are little, yellowish and develop on long white groups. The organic products are 1-2 inch long, oval and the back surface has 5 unmistakable stripes. The natural products which are culled before seed arrangement are known as Harad. These are dim yellow. The organic products which are culled when totally ready are known as large Harad.

Each organic product has one seed. The plant sheds its leaves in February-March, gets blossoms in April-May and organic product in winters. Ready organic products are gathered from January to April.

Harad tree is found in bumpy zones and timberlands up to statures of 5000 ft. Essentially, it is found in lower Himalayan zones from Ravi banks to Western Bengal, Assam and in the woods of high land ranges.

Product Description

The natural product has 24-32% tannin. Moreover, 18 amino acids and little measures of phosphoric, succinic, quininc and shikimik acids are available in it. As the organic products ready, the amount of tannin reductions and the measure of poisons increments. A yellow oil originates from the bit of the seed. The tree additionally radiates a sort of gum.

It is dry, warm, somewhat sweet and cures tridosas. It is severe and astringent so cures pitta and hack. Dark harad, devdaru and turmeric-all these are valuable for curing dosas. Harad cures kapha and pitta. Harad contains every one of the five rasas however no antagonistic impact. Subsequently the same harad is utilized for some illnesses. The harad piece is sweet, the veins are acrid, the stem intense, the bark vitriolic, the substance astringent.

Classification of Harad:

  • English name– Black Myrobalan
  • Hindi name– Harad
  • Sanskrit name– Abhaya, Pathya, Kayastha, Amrita
  • Dravidi name– Kudukkaya
  • Kingdom– Planate
  • Family name– Combretaceae
  • Herbal name– Terminalia chebula

Medical advantages of Harad

  1. Treats Migraine torment
  • Granulate its seed with warm water and apply on the brow.
  • It cures headache torment.
  1. Evacuates Tooth disease
  • Utilize the powder of harad to brush the teeth.
  • It makes the teeth spotless and free from any disease.
  1. For Eye issue
  • Absorb harad water overnight and utilize this water to wash the eyes following day morning.
  • It keeps your eyes perfect and free from scatters.
  • Absorb its bit water for 12 hours.
  • At that point crush it and use as eyeliner.
  • It avoids waterfall of eyes.
  • Crush its bark and apply in eyes as eyeliner.
  • It cures watering of eyes.
  1. Accommodating cure in Headache-
  • Pulverize and drench 10 bits of huge harad bark in water for 3 days under the sun.
  • On fourth day, pulverize the bark and strain the arrangement.
  • Blend 500 gm sugar powder in it and get ready squash.
  • Offer this to the patient.
  • It cures cerebral pain and gastric issue.
  1. Upgrade Digestive power-
  • Give 3-6 gm harad powder with equivalent measure of sugar treat blended in it.
  • Give it twice every day after dinners.
  • It enhances assimilation control.
  1. Treats Bleeding Piles-
  • Take the Harad seeds and bark, to set up a decoction.
  • Flush the overflows with harad decoction.
  • It controls the draining heaps.
  1. Helps in Elephantiasis-
  • Cook 10 gm harad in 50 gm castor oil.
  • Offer this to the patient for 6 days.
  • It cures elephantiasis.
  1. Treats Urinary scatters
  • Give 2-5 gm harad powder with 1 teaspoon of nectar twice every day.
  • It cures the smoldering sensation in pee and other urinary issue.
  1. Washes down the body-
  • Take 6 harad and 3.5 gm cinnamon or cloves.
  • Bubble them in 100 ml water for 10 minutes.
  • Strain the arrangement and offer this to the patient each morning.
  • It works like a laxative and cleans your body.
  1. Mend Wounds soon-
  • Wash the injuries with the decoction of harad.
  • It shrivels the injury.
  • Blend 1-2 gm harad powder with 5-10 gm spread.
  • Apply it on the injury.
  • It cures the injuries speedier.
  1. Mends bubbles speedier
  • Crush 5 gm harad in little measure of water and linseed oil in it.
  • Apply this glue on the bubbles in the blazed zone.
  • It mends the bubbles speedier.
  1. Enhances Immunity-
  • Get ready decoction of harad, peel of pomegranate natural product, aniseed, Indian gooseberry and bark of babul.
  • Give 20-30 ml of this decoction twice per day.
  • It enhances invulnerability.
  1. Treatment for Jaundice-
  • Blend approach amounts of iron fiery debris, harad and turmeric.
  • Give 500 mg to 1 gm of this powder with ghee or nectar to the patient.
  • You can likewise give 1 gm harad with nectar or jaggery 2-3 times each day to the patient.
  1. Expels Constipation–
  • Get ready tablets of harad, senna and gulkand of rose.
  • Offer this to the patient when experiencing blockage.
  • It treats the turmoil.
  1. Cures Dermatoses-
  • Give 20-50 ml dairy animals’ pee with 3-6 gm harad thrice a day.
  • It productively cures dermatoses.

Safeguards before taking Black myrobalan:

  • Harad ought not be given to individuals who are excessively drained on account of overabundance strolling/running, individuals who are too thin and so on.
  • Hard ought to be stayed away from by individuals with overabundance pitta.
  • It ought to be stayed away from by pregnant ladies.
  • It ought not be taken by individuals who have experienced overabundance dying.


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