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Vasa – Adhatoda vasica/Malabar nut is one the capable herbs utilized as a part of treating asthma, bronchitis and abundance mucous condition. This is so capable a herb that there was an allopathic medication syrup mix with Bromhexine and Vasa, promoted with the slogan – “With Vasaka impact”

Be that as it may, it was hauled out of the market by Indian FDA, in light of the fact that, no allopathic medication can have a herb as a fixing.

That is an out and out various story, whether FDA was correct or not, but rather it obviously demonstrates the adequacy and notoriety of this ponder herb – Vasa – Malabar Nut.

Another fascinating actuality is that, it is coolant herb, yet it is helpful in respiratory tract conditions.

Product Description


Botanical Name:  Adhatoda vasica

Hindi Name-Adosa, Arusha, Rus, Bansa, Adusa

English Name-Malabar Nut

Telugu Name-Addasaramu, Adamkabu, Adampaka

Bengali Name-Adulsa, Bakash,Vasok

Punjabi Name-Vamsa, Bhekkar

Marathi Name-Adulsa

Gujarati Name-Araduso, Aradusī, Adulso, Aduraspee, Bansa

Tamil Name-Eidhadad, Adathodai

Nepali name – Asuro, Kalo vasak

Persian name – Bansa

Oriya name – Basanga, Arusa, Basung

Marathi name – Adulsa, Adusa

Kannada name – Adusogae, Adu muttada soppu (the green veg that a goat never eats)

Assamese name – Titabahak, Bahak,

Konkani name – Adusoge

Medicinal Uses: Used for treating bronchitis, asthma and dental ailments. It relieves cough and breathlessness. Its local use gives relief in pyorrhoea and in bleeding gums.

  • Adhatoda Vasica For Cough in Adults:

Adhatoda juice made by pounding the leaves with smidgen of water is exceptionally successful for treating all icy related issues, particularly hack. To make the juice, pound the washed adathoda leaves alongside minimal bubbled water and strain to get the juice. The measurement is around 1 tsp of the juice 3 times each day.

  1. Adhatoda Vasica For Removing Phlegm in Adults:

For treating mucus, take 6 to 7 leaves of adhatoda and bubble it alongside some water, once it bubbles take a little bit of dry ginger, pound and add it to the blend. Strain, blend it with unadulterated nectar and drink for 3 days in the morning.

  1. Adhatoda Vasica | Adulsa Cough Syrup For Kids:

This hack syrup for children is exceptionally successful and can be given for kids from 2 years on wards. To make the syrup, take new adhatoda leaves and steam it in idli producer or steamer. Once the leaves are steamed, take the leaves in your grasp and pound to get the juice. Take 1/8 tsp of the juice, blend with nectar and offer it to kids to treat mucus.

  1. Adhatoda Vasica For Bleeding Gums:

New adhatoda leaves are extremely compelling in treating draining gums. To treat, take the leaves and pound it finely into a glue utilizing mortar and pestle. Take the glue and rub it delicately in the gums, this should be possible day by day till one gets great help.

  1. Adhatoda Vasica For Indigestion:

Adhatoda is likewise great in treating acid reflux and tooting. To treat, gather the new squeeze of adhatoda by beating it in mortar and pestle alongside minimal bubbled water and strain. Blend 2 tsp of the juice with 1/2 tsp of crisp ginger squeeze and take, this will give great alleviation. You can take it twice every day, both morning and night. This blend additionally enhances craving.

  1. Adhatoda Vasica For Excessive Bleeding:

For ladies who encounter over the top seeping amid feminine cycle adhatoda will give great help. To treat, take 5 to 6 leaves and pound to get the new squeeze like said above and take it both morning and night. Adhatoda concentrate can likewise be viably utilized for treating a wide range of dying.

  1. Adhatoda Vasica For Skin Diseases:

Adhatoda is magnificent for treating all skin related infections. Adhatoda is cooling in nature and it’s juice can be utilized as a poultice for treating a wide range of skin ailments as it is exceptionally calming. To utilize, pound the leaves into a fine glue and apply as a poultice over the influenced region.

  1. Adhatoda Vasica For Hemorrhoids:

Adhatoda’s leaf juice is extremely viable for treating draining heaps as well. One teaspoon of the new squeeze taken twice every day will enormously offer assistance. You can likewise get it in pill frame and take it as per the directions given.

  1. Adhatoda Vasica For Inflammation:

Adhatoda has got calming properties and it can be utilized as an outer poultice for treating every one of the aggravations. For rheumatic torment, kindled joints, draining injuries, adhatoda can be connected as a poultice.

  1. Adhatoda Vasica For Asthma:

Like datura, adhatoda leaves smoke is utilized for treating asthma. The leaves when dried and smoked gives great alleviation for asthma patients. Be that as it may, don’t attempt this cure on the off chance that you are hypersensitive to smoke..

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