Enicostemma littorale

Customary medication arrangement of India contained assortments of plants which are assuming a critical part in curing illnesses from antiquated circumstances. Among them, Enicostemma littorale blume (E. littorale) an enduring herb of the family Gentianaceae is cosmopolitan in event in India. The bittery natured plant goes about as a purgative, helps in curing fever, ailment, skin ailments, stomach issue, wind nibble, weight and controls glucose levels. The plant constituents have been accounted for having antimicrobial, cancer prevention agent, antiulcer, calming, hypolipidaemic, hepatoprotective and hypoglycemic properties.

Product Description

Latin names: Enicostema littorale Blume (=Enicostema axillare subsp. littorale (Blume) A. Raynal), Enicostema axillare (Lam.) A. Raynal, Family: Gentianaceae (Gentian Family)

Part utilized: Whole plant

Full Description:

The ayurvedic name of  littorale is Nahi, Maja-Makka  booti, Vellarugu in Tamil, Vallari in Malyalam, White head in English, Chikka chiraayuta in Kanada, Mamajjakah in Sanskrit, Mamejavo in Gujarati, Nagajivha in Bengal, Chota chirayata in Hindi, Kaviyatu in Hindustani, Nela-guli in Telugu. This plant involves diverse substance mixes. Many mixes have been segregated from the plant,  littorale. Tanna et al. reported that the flying part of the plant gave 34% of dry alcoholic concentrate and 15.7% of ash. The nearness of minerals like iron, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, silica, phosphate, chloride, sulfate and carbonate were evaluated in the subjective examination of fiery remains. Natarajan and Prasad reported the nearness of five alkaloids, two sterols and unpredictable oil. Betulin, a triterpene sapogenin was likewise segregated by before workers. Monoterpene alkaloids like enicoflavin, gentiocrucine and seven diverse flavonoids were confined from the alcoholic concentrate and the structures were recognized as apigenin, genkwanin, isovitexin, swertisin, saponarin, 5-o glucosylswertisin what’s more, 5-o glucosylisoswertisin were likewise secluded by Goshalet al. The nearness of catechins, saponins, steroids, sapogenin, triterpenoids, flavonoids and xanthones and another flavone C-glucoside named as Verticilliside was disengaged interestingly this species was accounted for by Jahan et all. Swertiamarin compound was disengaged from. littorale by utilizing alcoholic extract. Six phenolic acids like vanillic corrosive, syringic corrosive, p-hydroxy benzoic corrosive, protocatechuic corrosive, p-coumaric corrosive and ferulic corrosive were likewise found by Desai et. Methanol concentrate of littorale was observed to contain distinctive aminoacids like L-glutamic corrosive, tryptophane, alanine, serine, aspartic corrosive, L-proline, L-tyrosine, threonine, phenyl alanine,


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