Sea Buckthorn ( Samudra hirana kanta)

The Sea Buckthorn is turning into more and more well-liked for its spectacular vary of healing properties! Sea-Buckthorn could be a thorny ligneous plant that grows close to rivers and in sandy soil on the Atlantic coasts of Europe and throughout Asia, wherever it’s been used for hundreds of years in ancient medical applications. The leaves, flowers, fruits and oils from the seeds ar all used for remedies.

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About The Plant

There ar seven styles of the ocean Buckthorn, the foremost common of that ar the Hippophae rhamnoides (common ocean buckthorn), and therefore the Hippophae salicifolia (willow-leaved ocean buckthorn)The others not therefore common species ar Hippophae goniocarpa, Hippophae gyantsensis, Hippophae litangensis,Hippophae neurocarpa and Hippophae tibetana.

Most of the world’s ocean buckthorn plantations ar placed in China. There, the ligneous plant is employed for soil and conservation additionally to its healing properties. The fruit of the ocean Buckthorn is troublesome to reap, attributable to the thorny nature of the shrubs themselves. The harvested fruit is kind of acidic and its juices ar usually combined with those of sweeter fruits, like grape or pear, to create it a lot of eatable.

Medical Uses

Lowers vital sign

In natural drugs, there ar several uses and indications for the ocean Buckthorn. Leaves and flowers ar used for inflammatory disease, GI ulcers, urarthritis and skin rashes and irritations. Tea made up of the leaves contains vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and fatty acids. The tea is usually used for lowering vital sign and humour sterol, interference and treatment of diseases of the vessel, and for increasing immunity.

Cardiovascular edges

Buckthorn could be a supplemental supply of vitamins C, A, and E, carotin, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids. One recent study suggests that ocean Buckthorn seed oil could also be effective for aiding in weight loss. Chinese researchers have completed a study suggesting that ocean Buckthorn oil extract will lower sterol, cut back angina and improve heart operate in patients with viscus unwellness. analysis on ocean Buckthorn because it relates to weight loss, viscus unwellness and sterol levels ar current and seem to be promising supported initial results.

Soothes skin and improves sight

Sea buckthorn berries ar used for preventing skin infections, rising sight, and swiftness the aging method. The tea is often applied to sunburns to cut back swelling and irritation whereas promoting healing.

Additional uses

Seed or berry oil is employed for respiratory illness, angina, lipoidemia (high cholesterol), as AN inhibitor ANd as an medicine. ocean Buckthorn oil is employed in ancient drugs to slow the reduction of mental legerity related to aging and to cut back the aspect effects of cancer and cancer treatments. it’s going to be wont to treat human duct (GI tract) diseases together with ulcers, GERD, indigestion, upset stomach and constipation.


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