Do not eat these 7 things empty stomach

Coffee – Empty stomach, coffee consumption is the most fatal. It contains caffeine which can make you sick if you take empty stomach. If you do not have any food, then drink only one glass of water.

Yogurt- Yogurt is beneficial for health, but consuming empty stomach can also harm it. Empty stomach can be responsible for eating yogurt, wrinkle in the stomach.

Banana – By eating empty stomach, the quantity of magnesium in the body increases significantly, due to which the amount of calcium and magnesium in the body becomes imbalanced. For this reason, do not eat empty stomach in the morning.

Shakarakand – Shakarkand contains tannin and peptane, which is the problem of gastric acid when eating empty stomach. This may also cause irritation of the chest. 5 Spicy – Never eat any empty stomach food. It contains naturally acid which spoils the stomach’s digestion. Many times the stomach cramps also occur.

Soda– soda contains high amounts of carbonate acids. If you drink it empty stomach, nausea may come and you may feel uncomfortable. So try that it does not use empty stomach at all.

Medicines – Often you would have heard doctors advising you not to take empty stomach medicines. Eating empty stomach medicines can lead to an imbalance in the stomach acid as well as in the body.

Alcohol – It is not safe to drink empty stomach alcohol. This can lead to abdominal irritation and other problems related to dyspepsia and stomach. Do not use alcohol intake empty stomach.

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