Health Benefits Of Nepeta Cataria

Catmint is additionally referred to as herbaceous plant. grownup as a cat treat for several pet house owners, few understand the calming edges this herb will share with individuals. If you grow this plant in your garden, you will ought to place a wire fence around it to shield it from neighborhood cats. they’re going to roll on that till the plant is dead. Cat mint grows fairly tall and it flowers with little lovely flowers on high of tall spikes that square measure a blue-lavender color.

Medicinal Uses

Internally – catnip has antibiotic properties and is historically accustomed treat cold and respiratory disorder. It helps relieve fever and respiratory disease. It facilitates calm dyspepsia and may help dispel flatulence and hurting. It works well for kids with looseness of the bowels. it’s a light sedative and could be a smart flavourer remedy for sleep disorder, stress and anxiety. It will stimulate the craving and ease inflammation. Cat mint is additionally generally used for headache and tooth aches. Rheumatism and inflammatory disease may be affected completely by this herb. It conjointly soothes the muscles of the female internal reproductive organ and helps relieve expelling cramps. It may induce a amount.

Externally – catnip will cut back eye swelling and it will management dandruff and different scalp issues. This herb will be created into associate degree ointment for hemorrhoids or a rub for inflammatory disease and rheumatism. it’s conjointly a really effective repellent for rodents and insects.

Other Uses –

catnip is intoxicating for cats, UN agency like to appear it, typically to the harm of the poor plant!

Herbs to Combine/Supplement

Catmint could also be combined with elder, yarrow, cayenne or boneset once treating colds.

Parts Used

Leaves, flower first-rate – The leaves and flowering first-rate square measure used medicinally in flavourer remedies. The components square measure harvested in late summer once the plant is fully bloom.


Catmint could turn out convulsions and excessive stupor in domestic cats if they’re exposed to excessive amounts. Pregnant girls ought to avoid taking this herb internally as a result of it affects the female internal reproductive organ.

Preparation and indefinite quantity

An infusion could also be taken thrice per day. simply pour one cup of boiling water over a pair of teaspoons of dried catnip and let it infuse for ten to fifteen minutes. Strain and drink. Tincture will be taken thrice every day in a very dose of two to four cubic centimeter.

This herb must always be infused. Boiling water can dissipate all the useful volatile oils. The tea will be taken generously, however if massive doses square measure taken heat, it’d cause instinctive reflex.

Some individuals like associate degree injection of the catnip tea for headache and hysteria. The first-rate may be created into a conserve to alleviate dangerous dreams.

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