Health Tips: Cayenne (Red Pepper) Medical uses

Capsicum(Cayenne,Red Pepper) may be a powerful native stimulant, with no narcotic result mostly utilized in hot climates as a seasoner, and most helpful in status of the intestines and abdomen. It shouldn’t be utilized in standard stomachal inflammation. For persons enthusiastic about drink it appears to be helpful presumably by reducing the expanded blood-vessels and therefore relieving chronic congestion. it’s usually additional to tonics and is claimed to be unparalleled for heading off diseases. Herbalists use it mostly in pill kind and fine. outwardly it’s a robust medicament and acts gently with no danger of vesication; is applied as a plaster or as a liniment; it may be mixed with ten to twenty per cent of cotton-seed oil. The powder or the tincture is helpful for relaxed flap. A preparation in use within the West Indies referred to as Mandram, for weak digestion and loss of appetency, is formed of thinly sliced and unskinned cucumbers, shallots, chives, or onions, lemon or juice, Madeira, and a couple of pods of Capsicum baccatum well mashed up within the liquids. It may be used as a condiment.

 bush Annuum tabasco plant Cayene Pepper Red Pepper The Healing Power of Cayenne Pepper describes remedies victimization cayenne alone or in mixtures with standard things like lemon, vinegar, olive oil, honey, garlic , Bayer and additional for common health issues like

Medical Uses:

Red Pepper helps in Heart Problems,Heart ailments Heart attack,Hemorrhage indigestion,Kidney Problems,Infection laryngitis,Lung Disorders,Migraines (cluster headaches) mouth pain,Nausea,Nosebleeds,General pain phlebitis,Phlebitis,Pleurisy Psoriasis, Rheumatism, Shock,Sore throat strokes,Tennis elbow tonsillitis,Toothache ulcers,Tumors, Throat/sore,Varicose veins,wound bleeding,Ulcers, Arthritis,Appetite stimulant,Asthma atherosclerosis,Bleeding, Blood Pressure/high/low, Bronchitis,Burning feet,Chills circulatory disorders ,Circulation/poor, Colds, Congestion,Depression,Diabetic neuropathy,Diabetes,Fatigue,Frostbite (prevention) ,Gastric Disorders, Mucus/excessive, Pain, Pancreatic Problems, Pus Discharge, Sinus Problems, Skin Disorders, Spasms, Sunburns, Wounds, Arteriosclerosis, Asthma, Blood Impurities, Bruises, Burns, Fevers, Gas, Infections, Jaundice, Lock Jaw, Malaria/ague

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Cayenne, used as associate degree accentuator, can increase the worth and also the healing properties of different herbs. Cayenne and different stimulants provide activation once used with herbs like achillea. Cayenne can intensify the therapeutic action of the achillea and also the achillea are felt within the lungs and also the systema respiratorium quicker.


Cayenne reduces or perhaps cures severe chronic allergic and nonallergic conditions that build people’s noses run perpetually.


This formula for Angina pain was developed by master healer John R. Saint Christopher.


bush is antiseptic and so a Most worthy agent as a gargle in standard raw throat or in contagious disease (an acute febrile  communicable disease marked by the formation of a false membrane second sight., within the throat and caused by a bacteria [corynebacterium diphtheriae] that produces a poisonous substance inflicting inflammation of the guts and nervous system).For sore and infectious throat, mix Cayenne with herbaceous plant and elm.


See why associate degree ingredient in cayenne will stop the destruction of animal tissue and relieve pain and stiffness.Capsaicin inhibits the activity of substance P.

The medicinal drug action of cayenne is attributed to the result of chemical irritant on substance P. Substance P may be a nervous system-derived chemical (a peptide), free within the funiculus also as from the peripheral nerve endings. This neuropeptide has multiple pro-inflammatory properties and is free in bigger quantities from pain transmission nerves (the sensory corticoafferent nerve fibre terminals) settled in knee and gliding joint joints, wherever an excellent deal of creaky swelling sometimes happens. Excess substance P is not smart as a result of it breaks down the animal tissue cushions in joints, contributes to degenerative joint disease. It additionally is a pain neurochemical in each degenerative joint disease and rheumatism. In different words, production of substance P in your system means that you will be feeling an excellent deal of pain.


browse USA these days reporter’s account of however an admirer move within the jungle survived associate degree respiratory disease with a pinch of cayenne during this drink. Asthma, like inflammatory disease, may be caused by associate degree production of substance P, which excess receptors for it were within the lungs. A cayenne pepper tincture just like the one given for angina may facilitate to alleviate the belabored respiratory common the respiratory illness.

Atherosclerosis or Arteriosclerosis:

Cayenne softens the arteries, dilates the vascular system, strengthens the guts, and cleans the inner walls of the vascular system.

Blood clots:

Cayenne protects against blood formation by inflicting a rise in fibrinolytic (clot-dissolving) activity of the red blood cells.

Blood regulater:

Cayenne regulates the flow of blood from the pinnacle to the feet in order that it’s equalised, it influences the guts straightaway then step by step extends its effects to the arteries, capillaries, and nerves – the frequency of the heart beat isn’t multiplied, however is given additional power

Bowel Diseases:

The neurochemical referred to as substance P is free from the peripheral neurons (those outside the brain and spinal cord) that transmit pain signals to the brain; this, in turn, helps regulate the response of the system to broken tissue. folks with chronic inflammatory viscus diseases have high numbers of receptors for substance P in their viscus tissue. With too several substance P receptors within the viscus tract, the system is apt to respond, causation enough inflammation to trigger the sensory neurons to send additional pain signals and unleash additional substance P. This viscous cycle eventually ends up in reaction viscus disorders like colitis and colitis.

Nerve endings that unleash substance P also are gift within the urinary bladder; once any inflammation happens there, bigger amounts of substance P area unit mechanically free, therefore intensifying inflammation.

Substance P content “was powerfully reduced by eighty p.c following pretreatment with a high dose of capsaicin” injected below the skin. Capsicum’s properties may also well cut back the discharge of substance P in those littered with numerous viscus diseases.

Bruises and Sprains:

build this healing ointment right in your room.An ointment created by combining one a part of cayenne pepper powder with 5 components of unfrozen mineral jelly. The mixture was completely merging and so allowed to chill till in jellied once more. Apply this salve locally to dislocated skin or muscle tissue once every day for a couple of week.


bush will defend the body against some proverbial food and drinkable chemicals which will cause cancer and induce cell mutations. (When chemical irritant is gaga plant chlorophyl its agent properties area unit suppressed.)


Cayenne is may be accustomed carry different flavouring agents additional quickly to any specific space (it will this by stimulation and dilation of the circulatory system).


Cayenne is employed with cathartics for the bowels. it’s an honest addition to relaxant cathartics, as Cayenne prevents griping.


bush is a very important remedy in cholera; bush stops inborn reflex (combine with equal components of bush and customary salt, one [*fr1] ounce of every, one pint of fine vinegar, admit defeat tablespoon doses for Asiatic cholera, inborn reflex stomach flu.

Clogged Arteries:

See however one man was cured with a straightforward cayenne concoction.

Colds and Flu:

Stop a chilly in its tracks with this doctor’s home remedy.At the onset of symptoms take one teaspoon of cayenne powder during a glass of heat water with the juice of 1 lemon and a teaspoon of honey; stir completely and drink slowly. The cayenne helps to contagious diseasesh out the bacterium and viruses liable for the cold or flu by inflicting eyes to water, skin to sweat, nose to run, and lungs to discharge. This rush of fluids from the body carries out the invisible microbes liable for such infections.

Congestive Heart Failure:

Cayenne strengthens and relaxes the guts, dilates the vascular system, and clears accumulated rubbish. Over the end of the day, a seriously unhealthy heart will come to close traditional with the regular use of Cayenne pepper.


Cayenne lowers vital sign.


those who suffer from severe itches i.e., pruritis, notalgia, parasthetica, and lichen simplex chronicus expertise noticeable improvement once treated locally with any of the capsaicinoid creams.

Night Blindness:

scholarly person Garcilaso DE la Vega represented what he had detected kind some other person in 1609: “I detected a Spaniard from Mexico declare that cayenne pepper was superb for the sight, therefore he accustomed eat 2 cooked peppers as a kind of afters when each mean.” variety of Mexican Indians have aforementioned that regular consumption of cayenne and chile peppers unbroken their visual modality from failing as they grew older.


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