gokhru panchang

Gokhru Panchang Plant

Likewise called Gokshura, ChotaGokhru, Puncture vine, Devil’s weed, Gokhru is a herb that is utilized to manage kidney and urinary issues. There are 2 species perceived in India with one called BadaG

Gokhru is prostrate spreading therapeutic herb which is discovered practically all through India up to 3000 m height. In most piece of India it is known as Gokhru Kata. It has numerous basic names like cathead, yellow vine, goathead, burra gokharu, cut vine, bindii and so forth. In Indian market is sold with brand name gokhru kadha. It is one of the ten roots utilized as a part of arrangement of Dashmula.

Gokhru is utilized to treat different clinical conditions like sexual shortcoming in men, kidney brokenness, pee issue, dysuria, Leucorrhoea (Shveta Pradar) and so forth. It helps in breaking and disposal of kidney stone from body. It likewise counteracts repetitive stone development. Gokhru additionally expands hormones discharge in body. It bolsters testosterone generation and muscles building.

Product Description

General Information

Latin name: Tribulus terrestris Linn (Zygophyllaceae)

Sanskrit Name: Laghu gokhru

English name: Small Caltrops, arrive Caltrops

Hindi name: Gokshura, Gokhru

Kannada: Sanna neggilu

Malayalam: Neringil

Marathi: Sarata

Tamil: Nerunji

Telugu: Palleru


Gokhru Plant utilized

Organic product, Roots, entire plant


Here are cures that should be possible at home utilizing Gokhru

Sexual shortcoming, Low sperm check, erectile brokenness

Bubble Gokhru powder, ashwagandha powder in one glass drain. Drink twice per day for ten days. Gokhru contains saponins which empowers emission of Testosterone and advances spermatogenesis.


Kidney issue, Kidney stone, Recurrent stone arrangement

Get ready decoction of Gokhru natural product or panchang (all parts of Gokhru herb) in water and drink twice per day.


Expanded Serum Creatinine, Blood urea, Uric corrosive in body

Take gokhru, Sonth(Dry ginger), methi (Fenugreek seeds) and ashwagandha in equivalent amounts. Granulate to make powder. Take this powder twice per day. This declines Uric corrosive and gives help in swelling.


Hacking (Khansi aana)

Take Gokhru, tulsi leaves and dry ginger powder. Crush and take in little sum.


Visit pee, pee contamination, prostrate issue

Blend dark sesame powder and Gokhru powder in equivalent amount. Take twice per day.


Pee blockage, excruciating pee

Take Gokhru natural products (1 tsp ), coriander seeds ( ½ tbsp) in water (450 ml). Cook till volume lessens to half. Drink arranged implantation (2 tbsp.) twice per day for few days.


Blood in pee

Take entire plant of Gokhru. Wash to clean earth and soil. Pound the herb to concentrate juice (¼ container). Blend this juice in some buttermilk and drink for ten days.



Take entire Gokhru plant, clean it and dry in shade. Crush to make powder. Blend this powder with cinnamon (1 tsp), cardamoms (6), and misri (1/4 glass). Take this powder (1/2 tsp ) three times each day with water.


Shortcoming, muscle building

Blend gokhru, mulehti, bhringraj and amla. Granulate to make powder and take twice per day.


Uterus contamination and irritation

Get ready decotion of Gokhru organic product ( 10 gm) and ajwain (2 gm) in water and drink for few days.

This is additionally useful for stomach related framework.



Take new Gokhru and bhumi amla. Pound and make glue. Take this glue (1 tbsp) with yogurt twice every day for 10 days.


Gokhru has diuretic, sexual enhancer, mitigating, hostile to oxidant, antibacterial and antifungal exercises. Its capacity to advance pee is clinically tried.


Here are some critical drugs containing Gokharu as boss fixings

Gokhru churna is natural Ayurvedic drug in powder frame used to treat difficult pee, UTI, kidney maladies, irritation and hack.

Gokshuradi Guggul is natural Ayurvedic drug. It contains Gokshuru, Triphala, Trikatu and Musta. This drug has diuretic and mitigating properties and demonstrated in treatment of urinary issues.

Dhatupaushtik Churna is an Ayurvedic prescription This powder is nutritive tonic and cures shortcoming. In Ayurveda, Dhatu alludes to tissues, the most imperative components that make up body.

Amrutadi Churna home grown pharmaceutical is helpful in treatment of joint inflammation, stiffness and kidney stone.

Aimil Neeri is set up from normal fixings and used to treat different sorts of urinary issue like urinary calculi (kidney stone), urinary tract diseases and prostate related issue.

Charak Femiforte contains bark of Ashoka, Lodhra and a few different fixings. Femiforte has astringent activity which capture over the top vaginal release( leucorrhoea).

Himalaya Tentex strength contains normal fixings and is a non-hormonal sex stimulant. Its admission enhances sexual execution. It has hostile to stretch and adaptogenic properties.

Hempushpa is an ayurvedic solution to cure ladies related medical issues, for example, managing periods, blood purging, crabbiness, enhancing hunger and general wellbeing.

Cystone is demonstrated in treatment and counteractive action of urinary calculi. Cystone is accessible as tablets and syrup.


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