Guava (Psidium Guajava)

Many people grasp the advantages of the guava fruit, however ar unaware that its plant counterpart additionally provides many medicative compounds. Guava leaves ar packed with antioxidants, medication agents, antibacterials, and contains helpful tannins.

The guava plant (Psidium Guajava) is native to Central America, Mexico, and South America and is currently being adult within the tropics and semitropics of continent, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Caribbean, alternative|and several other} other regions.

Product Description

Guava Leaves Health advantages

Guava plant leaves ar best referred to as a natural pain reliever. They contain polyphenols, flavonoids, and carotenoids, that makes them helpful in treating varied diseases and conditions.

Helps Weight Loss

Guava leaf extracts facilitate with weight loss by preventing advanced starches that ar consumed in your diet from having the ability to convert into sugars. The guava leaves forestall the transition of carbohydrates to usable compounds once being countermined within the liver. once exploitation the oil sort of the plant it’ll strengthen and tone the system because it disinfects it, keeping the system clean.

Lower steroid alcohol

When the guava leaf is taken for many months it will cut back beta-lipoprotein (bad steroid alcohol) and triglycerides while not having any negative effects on the nice cholesterol within the body.

Balance blood glucose Levels

Guava leaves provides people with polygenic disease the advantage of deceleration down the sugar absorption into the blood by giving the body high levels of fiber. a research done by microbic analysis found that taking guava leaf extracts subdues high blood glucose levels and might forestall the beginning of kind two polygenic disease.

Treats symptom

There square measure many ways in which to require guava leaf extract once treating symptom. It are often taken as tea, capsule, or by adding a couple of drops of the volatile oil type into a cup of heat water then drinking it. once the extract is taken as an important oil it provides astringents that binds up loose bowels to treat symptom. These astringents offer anti-bacterial and disinfectant properties that aid in removing further secretion from the intestines. A study was printed in 2008 within the “Journal of swish Muscle Research” regarding AN experiment done on rats that had symptom that got guava plant extract, that established terribly effective in treating the matter.

Aid with internal organ Cancer

According to a search that was printed in 2011 in “Food Chemistry,” there’s proof that guava leaf extract has the potential to treat people with internal organ cancer. Researchers found that once the extract of the plant is consumed it ends up in necrobiosis (which implies that internal organ cancer cells kill themselves). Another study was tired 2006 by Manosroi testing the volatile oil style of the plant, that conjointly showed anti-cancer activity.

Provides Antioxidants

In a study printed in could 2007 in “Wei Sheng YanJiu”, researchers found that guava leaf extract has inhibitor properties that may facilitate scavenge free radicals within the body. These free radicals square measure created naturally throughout cellular metabolism and may attach themselves to healthy cells that may cause cellular harm or maybe necrobiosis.


The guava extract contains quercetin that could be a flavonoid that helps blocks enzymes that square measure contributors for building sorbitol – the sugar that creates the cloudy white clusters that may cause cataracts.

How to Take

To benefit from the guava plant, it’s best to use the young leaves found early the fruit ANd convert it to an ingestible type. Guava leaves square measure typically reborn to teas, an important oil, or expendable capsules. The capsules, teas, and volatile oil are often bought from most drugstores. For a recent brew of the guava plant, some specialty stores sell guava leaves that may be crushed and poached to form tea.


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