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Rose Hip / Rosehip

A rose hip is that the fruit of a rose. additionally called rose haw or rose informed. The canid rose is that the sort of rose most frequently cultivated for his or her hips. This plant grows up to 10 feet tall and bears a white, terribly scented flower. Once the flower has bloomed, and every one the petals have fallen off, the hip is picked and utilized in a good type of preparations. Rose hips square measure the most effective supply of nutriment|antioxidant}; they contain five hundredth a lot of vitamin C than oranges. one tablespoon of the pulp provides associate adult quite the counseled daily allowance of sixty mg. they will be consumed raw, when being place through a liquidiser, or soaked in water nightlong and so boiled within the water for regarding 0.5 associate hour. owing to the high ascorbic acid content they’re a superb system booster, and square measure typically used as a supplement to stop or treat a chilly. The pulp from rose hips could also be utilized in sauces or created into jelly.

Product Description

Health advantages

Diuretic and laxative

The fruit acids and cellulose in rose hip tea could be a gentle water pill and laxative. it’s accustomed improve, and relieve the symptoms of urinary organ disorders, or to assist within the case of gentle constipation. to create the tea merely pour a cup boiling water over a tablespoon of crushed, dried hips and let steep. when straining out any items of the hips you’ll add honey and drink.

Treats skin ailments

The astringent qualities of rose hip oil makes it a valuable addition in cosmetic preparations. it’s the power to assist regenerate new skin cells. this will be accustomed treat scars, skin disease and burns. whereas it’s associate astringent, it doesn’t dry out the skin; truly it helps to rehydrate it, keeping the wet in. Drinking rose hip tea daily also will profit your skin. Rose hips have a high antiophthalmic factor content. antiophthalmic factor is usually cited because the “skin vitamin”. It helps to regenerate skin cells, healing wounds and scars. It additionally helps to stay the skin elastic and nourished. this may not solely forestall wrinkles, however will truly facilitate to reduce any that have already appeared.

Aids system

The antiophthalmic factor is additionally useful to the system. It will facilitate to stop infections from each microorganism and viruses. It helps the system to defend any infections that do occur too.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Many practice of medicine physicians use rose hips to treat wounds and inflammations. analysis in Scandinavian nation and Federal Republic of Germany used a rose hip remedy. The results showed that the remedy was truly terribly useful in treating autoimmune disease. The cluster taking the remedy had associate improvement in their quality by twenty to twenty fifth. They experienced less pain and a general overall improvement in mood and therefore the method they felt. The studies showed important improvement in people stricken by degenerative arthritis further, proving the medicine properties.


Because they contain a spread of antioxidants; carotenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols, leucoanthocyanins and catechins, rose hips square measure thought of to be an honest cancer preventative. These same antioxidants also are accustomed forestall against disorder.


If you opt to reap your own rose hips there square measure a couple of things to stay in mind. check that you are doing not use any herbicides or pesticides on the plant. though you’ll be tempted to prune off previous flowers, you’ve got to allow them to die and therefore the petals fall naturally to urge the hips. this suggests you’ll not have the flowers around for as long as you may. you’ll store rose hips within the Deepfreeze, created into jelly, or dried. once storing them make sure to not use a metal instrumentation, the fruit acids and therefore the metal don’t combine well.


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