Sarsaparilla (Anantamool)

Sarsaparilla is that the common name for Smilax ornata (formally smilax regelii), that has been used medicinally to treat everything from chronic pain to toe plant. alternative common names embrace sarsaparilla, Honduran sarsaparilla, and Jamaican sarsaparilla.

It has probably been used for thousands of years by autochthonic tribes of South America however was 1st introduced to Europe close to the top of the Dark Ages. Today, it’s still a preferred supplement ingredient and medicative treatment for a large sort of internal and external health conditions.

Product Description

Medicinal uses

Sarsaparilla root is globally recognized for medicative properties. Since it absolutely was 1st introduced to the Western world, sarsaparilla has been wont to treat arthritis, gonorrhea, open wounds, arthritis, cough, fever, cardiovascular disease, pain, a scarcity of physical attraction, stomach upset, and even sure styles of cancer. additional serious conditions have conjointly been treated with root. within the Amazon, some tribes used it as a treatment for infectious disease by ingesting it further as exploitation it outwardly.

Sarsaparilla 1st came to Europe within the 1400s as a medication discovered in South America and brought back via boat. Europeans used the foundation to encourage sweating and micturition further on purify blood, a standard follow throughout the Dark Ages. throughout the 1800s, sarsaparilla was on the books in each Europe and therefore the young us for its blood purifying properties and suggested as a treatment for the sexually transmitted condition pox.


Sarsaparilla is additionally consumed for pleasure in drink and preserved kind. Stores in some components of Oceanica stock a preferred drink named merely Sarsaparilla that uses the plant to extend gaseousness. within the past, it absolutely was conjointly widespread within the us as a part of a drink created with sassafras. In India, too, sarsaparilla is devoured for over medicative functions. further as soft drinks, southern Indians fancy preserved sarsaparilla with curd rice.

Today, sarsaparilla roots is accessible most without delay in food stores. The capsules, tinctures and supplements of sarsaparilla typically embrace alternative herbs for a selected result. it’s a standard ingredient in internal secretion leveling, skin care and drive increasing natural merchandise. These fashionable sarsaparilla merchandise square measure primarily made from plants adult in geographic region and China.

Active Ingredients

The studies that are done on sarsaparilla as a medicative herb counsel that the advantages return from inhibitor properties and plant sterols helpful to human health. Sarsaparilla conjointly contains flavonoids, a pigmentation chemical that offers several plants their leaf, stem, flower and even root color. within the past decade, flavonoids have garnered additional widespread recognition for his or her use in treating response conditions and inflammation.

One of the foremost fascinating ingredients in root square measure saponins, a compound. Saponins, typically bitter to the style, square measure named when soap attributable to the foam-like reaction they need once placed in water. within the plants wherever they originate, glucoside chemical compounds facilitate deter fungi and insects from intake their leaves. this might be one in every of the attainable reasons that sarsaparilla has anti-fungal properties.


The best thanks to prepare raw or dried root is to boil it into AN infusion and take a cup of it many times daily. With capsules and supplements, browse the directions on the bottle. Usually, it takes but 0.5 a teaspoon of ground root powder to possess the required result. within the case of tincture, 0.5 a teaspoon doubly daily may be a suggested dose.


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