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Tangerine (Citrus Tangerina)

The tangerine (Citrus tangerina) is AN orange-colored citrus that’s closely associated with, or presumably a kind of, mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata) . Tangerines (Citrus tangerina) square measure a tasty citrus that square measure loaded with ascorbic acid. they will even be used as a flavouring supplement to enlarge the advantages to the physique. Tangerines grow upon tiny trees that originally came from China and Japan. The plants were 1st taken to Europe and later complete up within the United State. The fruit is bright orange, the same as AN orange and straightforward to peel. Tangerines square measure associated with mandarin oranges. the most distinction between the 2 is that the time of harvest.

Tangerine Names

The Latin name for Tangerine is mandarin orange. In Chinese medication, the name subgenus Chen pi refers to dried ripe depart a tangerine, Manchu dynasty piq refers to the unripe depart the tangerine and ju he refers to the seeds.

Product Description

Health edges

The depart tangerines is extremely aromatic and incorporates a pungent, bitter style. compared to the flesh of the tangerine, the peel has additional antioxidants and flavonoids that will stop cancer and enhance the effectiveness of vitamin C within the body. in addition, the oil of tangerine will offer several edges to those that use it.


The bacterium Helicobacter pylori has been found to contribute to organic process ulcers. Doctors typically treat ulcers with antibiotics to kill H. pylori. However, tangerine supplements are found to inhibit the expansion of H. pylori. this implies that, if you’re full of a abdomen lesion, tangerine supplements could assist you heal.

Obesity and arteriosclerosis

Studies have looked into the results of nobiletin on mice. Nobiletin could be a compound that’s found naturally within the white parts of tangerine peels. Mice that were treated with nobiletin did not develop fleshiness or arteriosclerosis. arteriosclerosis refers to the build-up of fat within the arteries which will result in coronary failure or stroke.

Insulin Regulation

Additionally, these mice were higher able to regulate their hypoglycaemic agent and aldohexose levels. whereas scientists square measure still exploring the links between tangerine supplements, weight and polygenic disease, preliminary studies indicate that this fruit could facilitate stop these kinds of issues.

Lowering sterol

A 2004 study indicated that a compound normally found in tangerine peel, polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs), helps lower sterol. Scientists gave hamsters high sterol by giving them poor, fatty diets. Then, the rodents were fed PMFs. For thirty five days, a number of the hamsters were fed diets with common fraction PMFs from tangerines. The researchers learned that the hamsters fed with tangerine supplements had lipoprotein (bad) sterol that was thirty two to forty % below the management cluster. No negative aspect effects were noticed  within the animals, and also the lipoprotein (good) sterol was unaffected by the supplements.

Cancer Fighting

A 2007 British study has shown that bound compounds referred to as salvestrols that square measure found copiously within the peels of tangerines will cause cancer cells to destruct. The preliminary results indicate that cancer patients may take pleasure in taking a tangerine supplement. whereas clinical trials haven’t been performed on individuals, the proof is promising.

Essential Oil Uses

Tangerine oil contain anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. For this reason, tangerine oil may be useful in preventing and treating inflammatory disease or skin infections. It may also be used for preventing stretch marks. in addition, open wounds could take pleasure in the antiseptic properties of tangerine oil.

Taken internally, tangerine oil will facilitate heal biological process complaints by fighting microorganism growth within the abdomen. The odor of tangerine oil smells clean and contemporary. several believe that the smell of tangerine oil is calming once one is excited or stressed. In aromatherapy, tangerine oil may be used as a sedative to assist one rest and relax.


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