Lycopene (Tomatoes)

Lycopene may be a supplement that has been verified to supply several health edges. it’s found in an exceedingly wide assortment of the fruits and vegetables together with apricots, watermelons, pink guavas and pink grapefruits. Tomatoes and tomato product contain the best dietary content of carotenoid of concerning eighty fifth.

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Medical Benefits Of Tomato

Source of antioxidants

In its state, carotenoid may be a fantastic supply of antioxidants. it’s been discovered that carotenoid possesses doubly the antioxidants that square measure found in carotenoid. The effectiveness of the carotenoid comes from its powerful antioxidants to keep up the thickness, strength and fluidness of your cell membranes, that square measure the protectors of alternative cells in your body. The cell membranes monitor everything that goes in and out of your cells. permitting sensible nutrients in and deterring toxins will offer for stronger cell membranes that square measure necessary in preventing diseases. carotenoid additionally protects alternative structures within the body from O injury.

Prevents malady

Some of the noted edges of taking carotenoid square measure to forestall cardiovascular disease, induration of the arteries or hardening of the arteries, beside breast, prostate, lung, ovary, bladder, exocrine gland and colon cancers. Some folks with cataracts and respiratory disease use carotenoid as a treatment choice and therefore the supplement has been notable to treat human papillomavirus or HPV infection. HPV will cause female internal reproductive organ cancer.

In addition to most cancers, carotenoid is additionally useful in treating alternative conditions and diseases like preventing high cholesterol and lowering triglycerides, serving to with sterility, boosting gamete counts in men, and the bar of polygenic disorder, aging of the skin and pathology. it should even be effective in protective the skin from sunburns.

Tomatoes – raw or cooked?

Raw tomatoes contain over enough carotenoid to succeed in your daily demand. astonishingly, processed types of tomatoes like catsup and tomato soup, or baked tomatoes enhance the impact of the carotenoid creating it easier for the body to soak up and use. The darker and redder the tomato is, the a lot of carotenoid it contains.

The tomato is that the garden truck from the plant (Solanum lycopersicum) ordinarily called a Lycopersicon esculentum and is one amongst the foremost in style fruits within the world. though the general public contemplate it to be a vegetable, it’s truly a citrous fruit. Americans alone eat concerning eighty pounds of tomatoes yearly. Golden State is that the largest cultivator of tomatoes however China is additionally thought-about one amongst the most important importers. It failed to become a vital a part of our daily diets till concerning the 1800s and since are verified to supply several health edges for our lives.


Aside from the carotenoid, there are literally a complete of 4 Carotenoids contained within the tomato fruit, beside vitamins A, E and C. a whole activity of protection found within the tomato additionally includes xanthophyl, alpha and carotenoid that every one work along to push the health edges of this one nice fruit. the advantages, particularly within the protection of cancer, has been found to be even more practical once baked in or consumed with fat-rich foods like vegetable oil, avocado and balmy as a result of Carotenoids square measure fat-soluble.


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